About Shape & Slim


Shape and Slim® is a division of CCV, Inc., established in 2013 with a specific purpose to develop unique and innovative shapewear for women.

Shape and Slim® is unique. Unlike most brands that simply hide flaws, Shape & Slim goes to work to help rid of unsightly cellulite while improving your circulation.

With our unique state-of-the-art technology, you can achieve wonderful benefits.

Our Shape & Slim features are exceptional because:

  • Our shapewear is a seamless fabric imported mainly from Italy and Europe.
  • It is comfortable and stretchy.
  • The construction of the garment provides extra support without restriction.
  • Each garment has a unique delivery system that contains microencapsulation of natural active ingredients that are embedded in the fabric. These special natural ingredients can result in slimming, shaping, toning and firming because they are released on your skin. The end result is beautiful.
  • After 28 days, you can still enjoy wearing our high quality and beautiful shapewear!

After just 2-3 days your skin will look silkier and shinier and in 4 weeks you will notice visible slimming results.

Our Technology is backed up by clinical and washing tests.

Effective up to twenty washes, (meaning at the end of the 28 days treatment), you can continue to enjoy our garments for its shaping features and keep it for several years.

Breeze through our website to learn about the many treatments and fabrics that can help aid in cellulite treatment and improve blood circulation.

Welcome to Shape & Slim®, the first wearable cosmetic wear to nourish, shape & restructure your skin in less than one month.

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Best regards,
Philippe Lahmani, Founder