Dermocosmetic Shapewear

What is Dermocosmetic Shapewear?

Dermocosmetic shapewear combines a variety of botanical ingredients infused into the fabric, known as microencapsulation. The combination of ingredients found in our shapewear will deliver beautiful and toned results.

How Does It Work?

Our cutting-edge technology encloses active ingredients inside a capsule that is released on the skin.

No need to apply costly creams or lotions while wearing our Shapewear garments.

Move about your daily routine in comfort.

The microencapsulation isolates an active substance from the outside environment and envelops it in a polymer sphere (European Cosmetic Directive 76/768 EEC).

The ingredients inside the capsule protect your skin from aggressive outside elements that can damage your skin, such as pollution and sun while the outside protective membrane supports you with additional layers of protection.

Shape and Slim® garments are made from high quality, mainly Italian fabrics, which are known for their beauty comfort and resiliency.

Benefits of Microencapsulation

  • Prevents oxidation of the active ingredients
  • Will not deteriorate over time
  • Long shelf life
  • Complies with cosmetic regulations
  • Keeps out dust, heat, light, etc.
  • Offers active ingredients found in expensive beauty serums and there is no water in our formulation
  • Releases the active ingredients gradually, continuously and steadily throughout the day

Clinical Results

Based on a focus group of women who wore our garments, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day for 28 days, the results showed:

  • 98% of the women experienced beautiful toned and firmer skin
  • 85% of the women experienced slimming plus smoother skin

After 14 days, they immediately noticed visible results.

Clinical tests were performed by an independent laboratory IS0 9001 in France.

See chart with active ingredients for our collection.


Wearing Shape and Slim® dermocosmetic shapewear can deliver SLIMMING and FIRMING results combined with HYDRATING benefits. Our garments are 100% paraben-free. Our shapewear for women is the perfect liposuction alternative.

Comfortable, beautiful and easy to maintain. (Follow our laundry instructions on the packaging).

Shape & Slim® dermocosmetic shapewear will nourish, tone and firm your skin because it includes

  • Essential Fat Acids
  • Natural Vitamins
  • Phytosterols

The solution for busy women.