Pain Relief T-Shirt (women)


Arnica t-shirt designed for a better and harder work out.

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Cosmetic Features

Shape and Slim Pain Relief T-Shirt reduces pain due to the presence of Arnica, which has been used in Europe for centuries to reduce bruising, soreness, joint pain, and muscle spasms. Studies have shown that people with moderate osteroarthritis have seen a reduction in pain and stiffness. According to Naturopathica, Arnica encompasses Helenalin, one of the most active sesquiterpene lactones, which helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Each Shape and Slim Pain Relief T-Shirt includes microcapsules containing all natural active ingredients that are released throughout the day – up to 30 washes.

On the skin, the Shape and Slim Pain Relief T-Shirt feel like a massaging, relieving patch.

The fabric is light, seamless, and very stretchy. There is no bad odor, water, wax silicone, paraben, phthalates, or ethylene glycol.

Fabric Features

Garment is microencapsulated with Arnica and it light, seamless, and very stretchy.
Intelligent fabric: breathable and follows any movements.

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