Skin Care Concerns


Did you know that water makes up 75% of our body weight? It is important to keep the adequate amount of water. We lose water through perspiration, exercises, urinating or even by breathing.

Thanks to the active ingredients in the Shape and Slim® formula, the skin is always moisturized. Every garment includes various percentages of Shea Butter, Brown Algae, Inca Inchi Oil that provide continuous moisturizing.

Weight Loss Management

It is difficult to lose weight. But what is more difficult is maintaining the weight loss. Combining a healthy diet and exercise are vitally important. Shape and Slim® can help you to stay committed to your new lifestyle. So while you are dieting, we recommend you wear our Sculpt Activ’Wear.

Second Skin Activ’Wear and Sculpt Activ’Wear are ideal to wear after you have finished dieting and is perfect for daily activities.


Cellulite is annoying and nasty. Fat deposits under the skin are visible to the eye on hips, thighs and buttocks. Even worse is that cellulite tends to alter the appearance of the skin. Cellulite is hard to remove.

In the Shape and Slim® collection, caffeine is included. Caffeine is known to work against cellulite. In our Second Skin and Sculpt line, Cedrol is added. Cedrol is a well-known fat burner. The combination of these two ingredients can help with cellulite treatment.


Your skin can lose its vitality due to an unbalanced diet, stress, and external factors such as sunshine rays and pollution. This can result in a loss of sheen as the skin begins to sag. To maintain your skin’s firmness, it is important to tone your skin.

Our toning shapewar will help work on this problem. The fabric has been specifically designed with a wave design to provide extra support without being restrictive. Rose Hip oil is included in our formula to help in restoring the elasticity of the skin.

In the Veino Tights, we include lemon and citrus oil, which are both recommended in the skin care industry as leading toning agents.

Vein Treatment

Only 70% of the negative organisms held in the blood are drained and discharged. This accumulation of water triggers the feeling of heavy legs. If our muscular muscles are not strong enough, they won’t naturally support the veins and the result is poor blood circulation. In addition: a diet rich in salt, being overweight or hormonal changes from pregnancy and menopause are aggravating factors.

The microencapsulated active ingredients in the garment can help

  • reduce the feeling of heavy or tired legs (Veino Activ Tights).
  • improve blood circulation all day long thanks to your body movement.